Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Look....New Plans.

I have decided to change the look of my shop.
I decided that designing accessories is what I love to do more than anything. 
Since the change, I have had my voodoo bunny make it on the front page of Etsy, 
which I am THRILLED about!
So, to reflect the excitement, I am going to be making more bunnies like this one!
(As well as plenty of NEW bags & accessories)

So, stay tuned!

UPDATE - SEPT. 10th/10

 I have created a new plush bunny!
Her name is VIOLET. She is 11" in length, she has fluffy gray faux fur.
Her ears are purple & black stripes with a big glittery blue star on her right ear.
She has big blue X'd eyes and a choker made from black velvety grommet tape with a purple bunny bell.
She is One of A Kind.

Keep watch for more! I already have some great ideas for some new ones!

UPDATE - Sept. 19th/10

I created 2 more bunnies!

SID - The Emo Bunny

The first one is made with b/w skulls, red/black checkered ears
big X'd eyes, and a vibrant green ribbon bow wrapped around a pistol charm.
He has a wicked black & white glittery lightning bolt on his left ear.

Valentina - The Valentine Bunny

She has long vibrant purple fur, conversation hearts in her ears & large glittery pink eyes.
She has a thick satiny blue ribbon tied around her neck & a large glittery heart on her left ear.

~x Punk & Passion x~


Pili said...

A change of direction, do work on what you love most is a great idea!

That bunny is awesome! A very well deserved front page!

Andreanna Glamasaurus said...

If you look at my shop yo ucan see I have the attention span of a 3 year old which is why I have such a variety of stuff in my shop. I get really into one thing then bored with it.

stitches & stones said...

Pili, thank you so much. xo
Andreanna, I think the stuff you have all goes well as a theme in your shop. But variety is nice. I am still interested in keeping bags, wallets etc. But I am thrilled to add a few bunnies since it got so much attention. I had so much fun making him too! I have great ideas already. :)